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Appraisal Services Associates has assisted numerous Financial Planners, CPAs and Tax Attorneys during the planning process by documenting, valuing and cataloging personal property assets.  Factors considered can include Matrimonial Deductions, Fractional Ownership Discounts, Blockage, Gift Tax, Tax Exchange, and Charitable Contributions.

After the passing of a loved one, the furthest thing from one’s mind is the IRS. We can ease this process by providing a comprehensive appraisal that exceeds IRS guidelines. We also write appraisals that can be used in the distribution of assets among heirs. Appraisal Services Associates will help you through every step of this process at this most difficult time. Our appraisals also can document Blockage Discounts for large collections and artists’ estate in conformity with Internal Revenue Code Sec. 2031.  We also assist Survivors, Executors, and Administrators (Publication 559) regardless of whether a Federal Return 706 or State Estate Tax return needs to be filed. We also have successfully issued appraisals used to establsh Fractional Ownership Discounts. (While we did not participate, Court OF Appeals Fifth Circuit case No. 13-60472, Estate of Elkins v. Commissioner upheld these discounts)

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